What are this sites goals?

To make data sets and resources available to all researchers in the fields of physical anthropology and human evolution.

What does this site include?

Raw data collected by students and professional researchers in osteology and paleoanthropology. Links to free programs useful in phylogenetics, systematics, and cladistics.

What will I find in a data set?

Raw data in a spread sheet format. Each data set includes a materials and method section detailing the specimens used and how information was collected.

Who can submit data sets to this site?

Students at the graduate school level (MA, MPhil, MS, PhD, etc.) and professional researchers in their field.

How do I submit my data set to this site?

Please click here to submit your data to the site.

How do I cite the Paleo-ORG website?

I use Harvard citation style. Please feel free to copy and paste the following citation in to your references/bibliography section. (Note: This is for the website itself, not individual data sets.)


In text: (Gellis, 2014)

In bibliography: Gellis, J. 2014. The Paleo-Osteo Resource Guide [online]. Available at: http://www.paleo-org.com/ [Accessed: DAY/MONTH/YEAR]

Example: Data set covering [xxx xxx] (Author's last name, year published) was taken from the Paleo-Osteo Resource Guide (Gellis, 2014).


How do I cite data sets?

A data set citation includes all of the same components as any other citation. However there are a few extras to include.


In text: (Author's last name, year published)

In bibliography: Author's name, year published. Title of dataset or report. The Paleo-Osteo Resource Guide [online]. Available at: http://www.paleo-org.com/ [Accessed: DAY/MONTH/YEAR]


Click here for more information on proper citation methods.

I know about a website and/or resource not listed on your page, can I tell you about it?

Sure! Contact me here. However, please note that the resources on this website are freeware. No paid programs, data, etc. please.

Is it palaeoanthropology or paleoanthropology?

It's both. Choose one, stick with it, don't worry about it.